Hominian action and human relationship

Human relationship to other people

What is the person's human relationship to other citizenry?
North American attitude views individualism and sees satisfaction as reached through individualal accomplishment. Maximizing one's opportunities and capabilities becomes a mental obligation.

But although Americans pride themselves on their respect for individualist liberty, more American commercial enterprises (especially in such traditional sectors as finance and insurance) are noticeably hierarchic. By relation, in collectivist Japan, even a chief executive whose company bears his name knows he is required to balance individualal desires against the compatibility of the grouping.

Hominal activity

What is the mode of hominian action?
It is asserted that North American cultivation does not render clear means of achieving self-identity other than through activeness and achievement, and so goal-attainment becomes substance by which you qualify yourself separate from the group. Because other individuals should be capable to recognize this action, it has to be seeable and measurable. Hence financial copiousness provides one mensuration of prospering action. Within the system, employees are prompted by promises of furtherance and status signals overtly consociated with rank and file such as a superlative company automobile and a luxuriously fitted business office.

Buddhist societies in South-east Asia which follow beliefs in reincarnation bear that the individual is born into his/her nowaday status and fortune by merit of meritorious acts performed in a past life and that endeavor in this life may be wasted. By obviating sinful acts and by preserving the harmoniousness of current circumstances, you aid your possibilitiesy of being born into a raised position in your succeeding reincarnation.

Anthropomorphic activity

What is the temporal center of anthropomorphic activeness?
United States of America is usually held up as a future-oriented society which believes that the forthcoming can be prearranged and regimented. Furthermore, the future is certain to be superordinate than the present just as the present is required to be a betterment on the past. However this placement may be short-term.